CCTV Perth

  1. Simple and affordable to set up

A wireless CCTV security system can be installed in about 10 to 30 minutes. Drilling and digging are not required to install the cables. A wireless CCTV can be readily attached to a power adapter and network cable, therefore these steps are not necessary for it.

  1. Absence of tangles and wires

The only item needed for a wireless camera is a power adaptor. There are far too many wires and cables in homes today. For TVs, laptops, and all other electric devices, there exist wires. A room can become tangled with wires since they are everywhere.

  1. Small size

The size of wireless cameras is small. They are light and simple to carry. They could be hidden in a shelf or a corner.

  1. Flexibility

Since switch boards and other outlets are not required, wireless CCTV security systems can be deployed even in places that are rather high.

  1. Less frequent upkeep

In wired CCTV, one of the significant expenses is cable maintenance. You can avoid paying for and spending time on cable maintenance. The costs of line leasing are also reduced.

  1. Recovery of videos

The videos that IP cameras have stored are simple to access. With smart gadgets, you may access data from a distance. On your phone, you can view live video as well.

  1. Security

The most effective choice for motion detection is a wireless CCTV security system. Every action is captured, and having live footage increases your sense of security. Additionally, it has a night vision feature for use at night.

  1. Coverage


Depending on the price and model, IP camera coverage in wireless CCTV security systems varies. There are cameras that can pick up signals as far away as ten kilometres. You can pick a camera based on your requirements and price range.

Select the ideal CCTV Perth camera systems for your home or business

Purchase only the best CCTV Perth has to offer at B&R Storage System. We can design a system that protects you and your property using only the top brands and products:

  • We consider your needs and build a solution that is functional for you.
  • Use high-definition video to confirm that your alarm has been activated.
  • Build a visual deterrent to crime surrounding your property.
  • From the security of inside, keep an eye on your perimeter.

Installing a high-quality CCTV Perth system, whether for your home or business, is a tried-and-true way to reduce crime on your property. In addition to protecting your assets, a quality installation can lower your insurance costs and help law enforcement catch criminals who commit crimes close to your property. The greatest bargain CCTV Perth has to offer is fully serviced and installed at B&R Storage System. We have more than 25 years of experience in the distribution and setup of network video surveillance systems and the newest megapixel ultra-high definition IP cameras. For more information on your possibilities, get in touch with us or check out our CCTV packages.

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